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General terms of - online store

These general terms and conditions are intended to regulate the relations between "Nomadi Foods Distributors" EOOD, EIK 203552618, with registered office and management address: Sofia 1528, Cap St. Simeon Petrov No. 17, fl. 3, hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER, and the Customers, hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMERS, of the online store in connection with the application and purchase of the offered goods.

By viewing the information located on the website, it is considered that the Customer accepts and agrees with these General Terms and Conditions. These General Terms and Conditions comply with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), as well as other legal acts in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.


Information under the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

1. Name of the Supplier: "Nomadi Foods Distributors" EOOD
2. Headquarters and address of management: Bulgaria, Sofia 1528, Cap St. Simeon Petrov No. 17, 3rd floor
3. Address for the exercise of the activity and address for submitting complaints by users: Bulgaria, Sofia 1528, ul. Kap. Simeon Petrov No. 17, 3rd floor
4. Correspondence details: Bulgaria, Sofia, Sofia 1528, Kap street. Simeon Petrov № 17, fl. 3,, mobile phone + 359 878 20 90 90
5. Entry in public registers: EIK 203552618
6. Number and date of certificate of registration of an object for production, processing and/or distribution of food in the BABH: ………….
7. Registration under the Value Added Tax Act No. BG 203552618 is an electronic store available at the Internet address and, through which Customers have the opportunity to order the goods offered by, including registration by creating an order profile and use of the additional services to provide information. For this purpose, Customers must fill out the electronic registration form located at the Internet address


The supplier undertakes to keep the information provided on the website always correct and up-to-date.

The Provider has the right to collect and use information about its Customers when they register, and this information may include name, surname, address, telephone, email address and any other information that is provided during registration and any other that is entered when using the services provided by the provider (such as participation in promotions, filling out questionnaires and others), and the Provider will use the same in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The supplier undertakes on its website to accurately and clearly list the sales price, including VAT, as well as an indicative tariff for the value of transport costs, which are not included in the price of the goods and are related to their delivery. The final price of the delivery is calculated by the courier company "Speedy" based on the weight of the products and the place of delivery and is added to the final price to be paid upon receipt by the Customer.

Each product on promotion is marked with a special sign (eg PROMO). The duration of promotions is determined by the Supplier for each individual promotion, starting from the day specified in the price reduction announcement and valid until the date specified in it or until the quantities are exhausted, but for a period not longer than one month and not more -shorter than one working day.

The supplier must provide information on payment and delivery methods when completing the order.

The Supplier must inform the Customer of his right, conditions and manner of withdrawing from the contract and the conditions under which the goods can be returned, except for cases under the Consumer Protection Act.

The supplier is not responsible for not providing access to the store, as well as for the non-processing or untimely processing of purchase requests in the event of circumstances beyond its control - cases of force majeure, random events, problems in the global Internet network.

The Provider does not guarantee that access to the Store will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and error-free to the extent that this is beyond its ability, control and will.

The supplier has the right to change prices, quantities, terms of payment and delivery, as well as the content of the online store in general.


The customer has the right to view the information and place orders for the goods offered by both after registration and as a guest (without registration).

When filling out the electronic registration form, the customer is obliged to provide the required and correct data, as well as to update them within 7 days of their change.

The guest customer is obliged to fill out the relevant form with the required order data. The customer guarantees that the data it provides is true, complete and accurate.

The customer guarantees that the data it provides to in the registration process is true, complete and accurate and, if the latter changes, it will update it promptly. In the event that the relevant customer provides incorrect data or changes that have occurred are not reflected in the period specified above, the Provider has the right to terminate the contract by immediately and without notice stopping the maintenance and access of the Customer to his account.

The customer can place orders in the online store at any time of the day, every day. Order processing occurs no earlier than the next business day and no later than 3 business days after receipt.

The customer can receive information about new goods offered by By registering, the Customer agrees to receive email correspondence and newsletters. In case he does not wish to receive e-mail correspondence, he can opt out at any time and inform the Provider by sending an e-mail to his e-mail address.

The customer undertakes to pay the price of the goods requested by him. The customer undertakes to pay the delivery costs as well, except in cases where the delivery costs remain at the expense of the Supplier. The customer undertakes to receive the ordered goods.

The customer undertakes not to submit fictitious or invalid requests or other false information. The customer is fully responsible for the protection of his password, as well as for all actions carried out by him or a third party by using it.

The customer undertakes to comply with Bulgarian legislation, these General Terms and Conditions, Internet ethics, rules of morality and good manners.

The customer undertakes not to infringe the property or non-property rights of others, including intellectual property rights.

The Customer undertakes to immediately notify the Supplier of any case of committed or detected violation when using the store.

Customers may use the information published on the site only for personal, non-commercial use. It is not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, transfer or manipulate the content of the site in any other way
The customer undertakes not to perform malicious actions within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions.

A complaint can be submitted to the Supplier at the Supplier's e-mail address indicated on the website, and at the same time the User must return the goods within 14 days from the date of receipt.

The return of goods, either in case of refusal of the placed order or in case of a complaint, can be made in the manner and at the address indicated on the goods receipt/bill of lading with which the Customer received the order.

In the case of exchange of goods, the transport costs are for the account of the Customer in both directions.

These general terms and conditions may be amended by the Platform Provider
The Supplier on the platform and the Customer agree that any addition and amendment to these general terms and conditions will be effective against the Customer after they are published on the Supplier's website on the platform and if the Customer does not request within 14 days of their publication , that he rejects them.

The general conditions were last amended on 20.07.2020

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